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A conviction

During an experience of a few years in France, Neil, founder of Seniatna, discovered the pride of a people united around their identity thanks to the Terroir. This cultural heritage connects people and builds on a strong historical legacy.

And Neil was like :

“Why not in AFRICA ?”

Tunisia has inherited more than 3,000 years of culture and taste. After having met men and women from different regions, repeating ancestral gestures with the same delicacy, Seniatna was born to offer this authentic taste of the Tunisian Terroir by collaborating with these guardians of know-how.
Seniatna passionately selects products from the Tunisian Terroir by working hand in hand with independent producers from several regions.

Seniatna guarantees a healthy, quality product thanks to lasting partnerships and a serious and committed team of experts.

1. Our Vision: How we see things ?

  • We believe in diversity and sharing. We believe that they enrich Man and promote Progress.
  • The terroirs anchor people geographically and historically, they are eminently part of the culture. To preserve them is to preserve diversity.
  • The terroirs have generated exceptional know-how and high quality artisanal products. To promote them is to share this excellence.
  • African culture is little represented in the world. Yet it has a lot to offer.
  • Cooking is a vehicle for sharing and discovering the privileged other.
  • 2. Our Mission: How we want to make a difference ?

    • Promote African lands around the world to create a cultural link with Africa.
    • Promote African terroirs to share products of exceptional quality (nutritional, taste) resulting from millennial know-how.
    • Promote African terroirs to safeguard this heritage.
    • Promote African terroirs to help the development of rural African areas and enhance (economically and socially) millennial know-how.
    • Combine economic development, authenticity and quality
    • Promote diversity through new authentic flavors
    • Reveal and protect thousand-year-old know-how